Sidefx Houdini : Instancing Explained / CopyToPoints workflow

General / 23 April 2024

Hey there, fellow Houdini enthusiasts! 👋

 Ever found yourself struggling with outdated techniques or missing features like copyStamp in Houdini 19.5? You're not alone! After receiving feedback from some of you facing challenges in following my older content, I realized it's time to shed light on the official instancing workflow enforced by SideFX in the latest versions. 

In this video, we'll dive deep into the ins and outs of Houdini's copyToPoints instancing methodology, and some good practices on attribute manipulations.

Speedtree tutorial : Shape your Imagination

Tutorial / 05 February 2024

Hi there,

Today I propose to embark on a botanical journey with me as I dive into the creation process of "Nuclear Garden's" vegetation .🌿

Combining here my curiosity for science with my art skills to prepare a radioactive twist to a power plant's cooling tower. 🌐💡

In this video, I'm breaking down the intricacies of SpeedTree's main feature that helped me shape this idea.

Technically I always love to approach things in the most procedural way, so I can easily iterate on my work, and allow complex changes in the push of few parameters. Speedtree is perfect for that when it comes to vegetation generation. 🌳✨

I will later share my approach for the procedural tower itself using sidefx Houdini.  Stay tuned for more content !=D

Sidefx Houdini : Looping Smoke for Unreal Engine 5.3

General / 09 September 2023

Free Project Files : 

 In this video, we're starting our journey into the world of game level creation. Join us as we explore the fascinating process of creating a seamless looping chimney smoke effect using Houdini and Unreal Engine. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect in this tutorial: 

🔥 Houdini Pyro Workflow: We'll take you step-by-step through the Pyro solver workflow in Houdini, breaking down the different nodes and attributes needed, making it accessible to all levels of creators. 

🌀 Looping Smoke Effect:  We'll cover the post process and methodology required to achieve a seamless smoke animation loop. 🖥️ Integration with Unreal Engine: Discover the Heterogenous Volume and Sparse Vollume textures workflow to import your Houdini smoke simulation into Unreal Engine. That will definitely help adding that extra layer of immersion to your game environments. 

🚀 Next Steps: Stay tuned for exciting updates on my ambitious 'Castle in the Sky' project and future tutorials.  Whether you're an aspiring 3d artist, a seasoned pro, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of visual effects and Ghibli magic, this tutorial has something for you. So, grab your creative spirit and let's embark on this journey together. 

Have questions or ideas? Feel free to leave a comment ! Thank you for being part of my creative family. Let's create something extraordinary !

Shout out to : 

- Thibault Lambert : 

- Jonathan Winbush :

Visual Effects Talk - Job Interviews

General / 12 June 2023

With the risk of job lay off, and the amount of people suddenly unemployed since the writer's guild is on strike.  I thought it would be useful to do a reminder on some good habits to have during a job interview in the VFX industry... and what are the things to avoid. fF you are a vfx student, this should give you an idea how an interview in the vfx industry unfolds. :D

CG Learning | The path to Becoming an Environment Artist in Movie Industry

Article / 27 February 2022

Today I'm answering some great questions that often shows up in my comments, DMs, emails,  about CG learning and the path to becoming a CG Environment artist in the movie industry. 

If you have some more question, fell free to ask !

 Also DNEG Vancouver, where I work as CG Environment supervisor,  is looking for generalist artist, don't hesitate to get it in touch if you are interested in joining the gang ! (contacts bellow) 

In the video sharing the portfolio of the Environment Artist Seunghee Seo,  a perfect example of generalist so definitely follow her artstation ! 

01:02 - I Would love to know if houdini students easily find job after school ? What are the salary expectation for junior ??

 03:15 - As a houdini user, can this  software alone be my main tool if Id want to be an environment artist ? Or would you recommend to pickup Maya or another 3D package first and use Houdini as a secondary tool ? 

05:10 - Could you tell me how a junior generalist should plan their career? It is hard just to get a generalist job in the first two years for a junior, so most people start from Matte Painter, texture, or lighter.  Which side of skill is more important? Modeling in Zbrush,  texture, lookDev or .....? 

11:39 - Would you recommend art school in 2022?  I have been thinking in going into one and is it worth in comparison to self learning ? 

14:12 - how did you make your first showreel ? 

14:40 -  How do you deal with not being able to finish a project? I always feel really bad when I don't finish a project. I usually proceed then with another project but it still feels like failing. I don't know if you even experience that feeling but if, how do you overcome it?

Houdini : Procedural Neogothic : 01 Towers

Tutorial / 15 November 2021

ProceduralArt Reel 2021

General / 26 August 2021

I started a serious dive into procedural almost three years ago now, learning everything I could about Houdini, substance designer, and use my generalist background to make some art out of it.  

I shared some of my discoveries on YouTube, Artstation, Gumroad and I have been blessed with an incredible community of artists, eager to learn and grow new skills. 

I thank everyone of you for your support along the way, it always means the world to me.  

Here is a compilation of the procedural projects I had the pleasure to create on my free time over the past years... Except the last one in my reel,  it's SW9, not exactly free time. It was my last collaboration with Environment supervisor Jeffrey Deguzman and I'm so grateful  he gave me the opportunity to put into practice my procedural knowledge on an actual ILM project. It was for sure one of the most fun show I had the chance to work on at ILM and it will always have a special place in my hurt... YES, even though the movie sucks. Hahaha 

Some of those work are still future tutorial material, so stay tune if you don't wanna miss some in-depth breakdowns. ;)


SideFX Houdini / Redshift - Procedural vegetation

General / 23 August 2021

Frozen World - Blender Tutorial

Tutorial / 04 July 2021

Just published a new tutorial, a very short and easy one this time. :) 

Talking here the importance of aerial perspective in environment creation and how to implement something similar in blender using some procedural tricks.

Hope this help !

SideFX Houdini / 9 Tricks to master procedural Environments

Tutorial / 26 April 2021

Hi everyone !

Past month I tried to participate in a Houdini daily challenge, Mardini. Finally having some time to go through my scenes and reveal some of my modeling secrets to create procedural environments in no time.