SideFX Houdini - Beginner Series - Pumpkin Hell / Part01

Tutorial / 23 October 2020

 You've been a lot to ask for beginner friendly tutorials about Houdini... I figured it's October, let's make pumpkins !  

So in this "Pumpkin Hell" tutorial I am finally taking the time to talk more in detail about procedural modeling .. I usually try to explain my thoughts process as much as I can, but going slower and deeper this time so hopefully should help if you are still fairly new with Houdini procedural. 

But don't get desperate if you can't totally grasp everything yet...  there's a reason it's called "pumpkin hell" . A lot of information in one hour and I still picked a pretty challenging topic for beginner... So let me know if you have any questions I'll try to answer. 

Carving pattern used for this tutorials can be downloaded on : 

Project files are available for my current official patreons on the discord server. 

IMPORTANT : if you are a new member you'll get only access to the rest of your pledges at the beginning of coming month (patreon policy). Just keeping video tutorials visible whatever the pledge in meantime.  

 In the next video we'll explore Solaris in houdini 18.5 to lookdev and create a stylized render for our pumpkin. 

Hope this help !