WIP : Procedural rollercoaster

Work In Progress / 24 August 2020
I made a rollercaster tutorial almost a year ago for houdini, but never actually dig further to do an illustration. Using my time off to develop a more complete setup based on an abandoned ride in Dreamland/Japan.

Was a very challenging piece of procedural, using a lot of hacks to make it work in the end so not sure yet if I'll be able to make a full tutorial out of this one,.. But found out some pretty cool technics for modeling and UVs that I will share soon on my patreon and as always some free videos for my youtube channel.

In the meantime still working on some still frames. Ideally I would like to show multiple camera angles. 

WIP of a camera angle / Render in camera using Redshift and post process tweaks.

Viewport screenshots :


Made a auto-weld tool so we feel better about the connexion in between elements.

  All the supports adapt based on the look of the terrain. 

  Based on the steepness of the rails, the side fence alternate between stairs and panneling. 


Stay tune !