CG Learning | The path to Becoming an Environment Artist in Movie Industry

Article / 27 February 2022

Today I'm answering some great questions that often shows up in my comments, DMs, emails,  about CG learning and the path to becoming a CG Environment artist in the movie industry. 

If you have some more question, fell free to ask !

 Also DNEG Vancouver, where I work as CG Environment supervisor,  is looking for generalist artist, don't hesitate to get it in touch if you are interested in joining the gang ! (contacts bellow) 

In the video sharing the portfolio of the Environment Artist Seunghee Seo,  a perfect example of generalist so definitely follow her artstation ! 

01:02 - I Would love to know if houdini students easily find job after school ? What are the salary expectation for junior ??

 03:15 - As a houdini user, can this  software alone be my main tool if Id want to be an environment artist ? Or would you recommend to pickup Maya or another 3D package first and use Houdini as a secondary tool ? 

05:10 - Could you tell me how a junior generalist should plan their career? It is hard just to get a generalist job in the first two years for a junior, so most people start from Matte Painter, texture, or lighter.  Which side of skill is more important? Modeling in Zbrush,  texture, lookDev or .....? 

11:39 - Would you recommend art school in 2022?  I have been thinking in going into one and is it worth in comparison to self learning ? 

14:12 - how did you make your first showreel ? 

14:40 -  How do you deal with not being able to finish a project? I always feel really bad when I don't finish a project. I usually proceed then with another project but it still feels like failing. I don't know if you even experience that feeling but if, how do you overcome it?