Houdini AL-TOOL v5.0 / What's New ? VIDEO TUTORIAL

General / 15 July 2020

Hi there,

Constantly been upgrading my houdini tools for environment creation over the past months. 

Thanks guys for your feedbacks and patience, it helped me a lot pushing my skills to improve tools and finally dig into Python modules for HDAs.
Still a lot to learn, and for sure more things to improve but since the tools already changed so much since my first tutorial with v1.0, I think it's about time to see how things evolved ! 


Those who already bought them, AL-Tools v5 is available for free in your gumroad or artstation library.


What's new ?

AL-MaskBuilder update :

- Map UDIM / Bug fix

- Paint Attribute Button in Attribute01 TAB

AL-TerrainExporter update :

- Simplified export of heightfield mesh and maps.

AL-AdvancedScatter update :

-Ability to paint attributes for scattering from the AttributeDistribution TAB : button "Paint Mask"

-Motion TAB to control animation cache of the scattered objects

- object to scatter : ID1 is the default geometry if "Enable Variations" is off. ID distributions is now control from red to blue / first ID to last ID.

- New node input to connect the surface to scatter. (still keeping the option to objectmerge into the tool, if input is used objectmerge is off)

- Map UDIM / bug fixing


I did a presentation for sidefx "Houdini Hive" last May, I am showing how I made the illustration "Unexpected path", was made with the previous version of the tools but can still give some good insights about scattering :



AL-Tools and where to find them... Upgrades are available in :

-AL/Tools only :



- AL-Tools + UltimateTerrainWorkflow project files :



- Tutorial / Procedural Cliff - BUNDLE VERSION (include AL-AdvancedScatter + AL-MaskBuilder)


- AL-MaskBuilder available on gumroad by itself :



See you soon !