Zbrush : Environment Sculpting Workflow

General / 20 August 2020

Taking a quick break with procedural to share some tips about environment sculpting.  Sharing here a part of my workflow to upres models within zbrush.

 Usually any base mesh require an extra pass of sculpting to get approved in production.

 It helps you reach that last 10% of realism that you couldn't reach to get the foreground fully works. S

howing here how I detailed the architectural ornament in the foreground of my illustration "mystic tower" Also covering some ZBrush Basics by sculpting the base shape, so hopefully it should be fairly understandable for beginners.

 Otherwise could import the base mesh from any other app.

If you are interested about the procedural tutorial series, you can just start here, it's free ! https://youtu.be/afHVjiNeH7A

Will do some more zbrush tutorial from time to time about sculpting in zbrush for my patreon. 


Otherwise some very exciting houdini and redshift coming soon, stay tuned ! :D