SideFX Houdini : ACES workflow in 10min

Tutorial / 26 July 2020

Super quick tutorial about ACES conversion and workflow within Houdini !

 For the demonstration I am using a quixel megascan asset and rendering using VRay for Houdini. 

Note that you can use the "vopcopfilter" technic I am showing with any other engines, it's just a way to convert our srgb and linear textures into a proper Acescg color space.  

Here are some links I am talking about in the video - 

- Open Color IO : 

- Chris Brejon / CGcinematography documentation  : 

- Toadstorm / An idiot's guide to ACES : 

Using VRay for the demonstration, you can get a free 30 days trial available on :