Landscape Design - Full process in Houdini

Tutorial / 16 February 2021

Kinda missed Valentine's day but never too late to share some learning love <3
Demonstrating a lot of things we saw in past tutorials like terrain creation, blending megascan material, atmospheric lighting but also a bunch of new tricks.

If you bought my AL-Tools re-using those in this tutorial and featuring some upgrade coming soon. Hope this help ! 

SideFX Houdini / Redshift - Environment lighting / From Ideas to final Image

Tutorial / 01 February 2021

Hi ! 

Sharing here my workflow for Environment lighting and atmospheric effects within sidefx Houdini. 

A bit of VEX to setup the fog VDB but nothing scary ;)

 Using  "Dreamland" for demonstration, a scene I developed last year which was based on a ride of an abandoned park in Japan.  Using Redshift for rendering but can definitely use any engine to follow this principles. (Mantra, Renderman etc...)

Hope this can help  :)

Q&A CG Learning / How to break into the VFX Industry ?

General / 12 January 2021

Happy new year everyone !

 Since I often receive the same questions I thought would be more productive to answer once and for all through a video more in a podcast form.  Thanks to Sagar Bhatt for taking the time to write down all the predominant questions that every student or CG hobbyist wonder about getting into the industry. 

In detail you can find your answer here : 

0:30 / A brief introduction about you? Who are you? What do you currently do?  

3:52 / What made you get where you are now?  

3:52 / Why did you start learning a 3d software, what was the incentive to you then? 

6:23 / According to you what makes an ideal 3d artist and what do most artists lack in general ? 

- 7:22 / When and Why did you start learning Houdini ?  what was the most difficult thing to pick up while you were learnign Houdini yourself? - 

- 10:42 / Do you think learning something like Houdini is purely an information's game? is gathering a certain specific set of data all there is to learning? 

- 14:09 / What are your takes on a studio job? small scale studio, large one or maybe freelance ? 

- 14:56 / Is it the financial aspects of a job or career that define its glory and success? or is the achievements made in the form of work? or is it simply defined to be the content of one's own self? 

20:03 / What are some usual but uncommonly heard ways of getting your name out to the industry or the studios in general? 

22:43 / According to your experience in the VFX industry do you think there are many opportunities around the world for an innovative artist? Does it seem sensible to you to move to a different country which has a fair paying job ? 

 - 25:56 / How do you see the VFX industries growth in suppose 20-30 years down the line, how do you see the industry evolve in the coming decade? 

31:19 / What do you plan on doing for the majority of the year 2021? And what are your goals for the life ahead? 

MysticTowers - Zbrush map export to Redshift

Tutorial / 28 December 2020

Hi Everyone, Here is a short bonus tutorial, production oriented. Originally a Patreon request about clarifying displacement. 

I think this may as well benefit some people on my channel.  

- Generate quick UVS within Zbrush 

-Export 16bit/middle gray displace 

-Export 32 bit exr displace 

- Export normal maps  

Also note that even if you don't use Zbrush to bake displacement and normal maps, the last half of the video can still be useful to understand displacement technics in general. In what situation should you use either 16 or 32bit ? Well it's your choice, we use both in production. I would say 32bit tends to be more accurate but also heavier so if you are limited in ressource and have a lot of those 32bits with multiple UDIMs, be careful with memory management. 

By the way  I am making a 30% off discount on most of my gumroad products  until 4th of January : Use promocode "AL2021" at checkout. 

Happy Holidays !

Houdini Tutorial - Master Heightfields in 20 min

General / 11 December 2020

To celebrate the end of this crazy weird year, making public one of the most popular tutorial that was exclusively released for my patreons.

 this tutorial covers a lot of tips about Heightfield in sidefx houdini. 

So let's see how to make some cool looking terrain while having a look at the basics and most common Heightfields technics within Houdini.

My patreon is on Hold at the moment, too many projects and things to catch up on top of my work. But you can expect it to come back some time next year with some fresh content ! Big thanks to everyone who joined and participated, in the meantime keep up the learning and stay tuned to my youtube channel !

Realistic tree workflow / Full process / SpeedTree - Houdini - Redshift

Tutorial / 07 December 2020

Happy Monday ! 

Just released a course about tree workflow


This video that summarize the big steps of the tutorial :


A big part is dedicated to create a procedural wind system in Houdini (no dynamics / simulations), which I often find helpful to quickly bring some life in the model. No need of fancy workstation I did the demonstration with a gaming laptop. ;)

The full length video is available here at the symbolic price of 1$.


Hope this can give some insights. 


Cybersale 50% OFF - Last days

General / 30 November 2020

Only time of the year where I do some massive 50% off everything, definitely check out my artstation store and my gumroad. Some exclusive product either on gumroad or artstation so defintely check out both !

SideFX Houdini - Beginner Series - Pumpkin Hell / Part01

Tutorial / 23 October 2020

 You've been a lot to ask for beginner friendly tutorials about Houdini... I figured it's October, let's make pumpkins !  

So in this "Pumpkin Hell" tutorial I am finally taking the time to talk more in detail about procedural modeling .. I usually try to explain my thoughts process as much as I can, but going slower and deeper this time so hopefully should help if you are still fairly new with Houdini procedural. 

But don't get desperate if you can't totally grasp everything yet...  there's a reason it's called "pumpkin hell" . A lot of information in one hour and I still picked a pretty challenging topic for beginner... So let me know if you have any questions I'll try to answer. 

Carving pattern used for this tutorials can be downloaded on : 

Project files are available for my current official patreons on the discord server. 

IMPORTANT : if you are a new member you'll get only access to the rest of your pledges at the beginning of coming month (patreon policy). Just keeping video tutorials visible whatever the pledge in meantime.  

 In the next video we'll explore Solaris in houdini 18.5 to lookdev and create a stylized render for our pumpkin. 

Hope this help !

SideFX Houdini : Action Sequence Design - Part4 - Lighting / Art Direct your Shots

Tutorial / 10 October 2020

Part4 of Action Sequence Design / Tutorial series focusing on Art directing the look of our sequence.

Now that we have our character moving, camera setup, set dressed, cape cloth simulation, it's time to finally focus on lighting. I am using Redshift for rendering, but note that I am explaining lighting Fundamentals as well so everything applies whatever engine you're using. (wink to Mantra, Renderman, Arnold, Vray, Octane...) 

I am finding my hdr image on this website :

Thanks to my patreon for the support !

SideFX Houdini : Action Sequence Design - Part3 - Camera Animation / CHops

Tutorial / 25 September 2020
Happy Friday ! Still going through my free tutorial series with sideFX Houdini, in this video let's talk camera.  Often overlooked, camera work and composition is  the key to successful shots. So let's make sure to have all the tools in hands and have fun with it !

Early Access to "part4 : Artdirect your shots" already available to my "official patreons". Checkout  for more info !