Quiet Strength / Procedural Victorian Gothic

When I was living in Budapest, I fell in love with Victorian architecture and promised myself I would try to remake the Hungarian Parliament building in CG some day. Stumbled upon my photo references few weeks ago and figured could be a good time to start...5 years later after my time in Hungary, was about time !

Now to add some more spice into the challenge wanted to stick to a non destructive/procedural workflow at least for the key shapes of the building while modeling some ornament details in blender, sculpting gargoyle and crests in zbrush.. mixing the fun !

Not getting close to finish the entire building but already learned a lot in terms of design, shapes and workflow. Definitely the most interesting Houdini project I've done so far.

Sharing some tips (not the full thing would be too long) about the modeling and shading process on my patreon : patreon.com/adrienlambertvfx

Tutorial Teaser

Example of proceduralism, trying to keep things as non destructive as possible.

Houdini viewport building side

Houdini viewport building side