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Sharing  the houdini tools  I made while making my tutorial project for SideFX Houdini  "Ultimate Terrain Workflow". (TOOLS ONLY)

IMPORTANT : If you Already bought "Ultimate Terrain Workflow-project files", you already have the tools included in this pack ! This one only includes tools but no tutorial scene with terrains,. It does include simple example to demonstrate how to use them. 

Message me if you have any requests or questions, I'll be happy to help.

This pack include :

- advancedscatter tutorial  houdini .hiplc (indie license only) + pinetree model (texture included)

- 14 HDAlc / Tools to facilitate terrain workflow  (Include a .hiplc network example) :

  • AL_terrain_exporter : Split terrain in specified tiles, move UVs to corresponding UDIM tile and export terrain layersas texture map. (experimental build)
  • AL_terrain_loader : Load split terrain or single terrain automatically. Option to switch between lowres/highres model.(experimental build)
  • AL_advancedScatter : Ever dream of scattering trees, rocks, easily inside of houdini ? This tool is made for you. Slope, Height, custom object or attribute distribution. Control over density and scale on each features. (will add a forest scattering tutorial soon based on this tool)

  • AL_snow_attributes : Generate snow attributes for procedural shading.
  • AL_water_attributes : Generate water attributes (Wetness, Beach, Waterlevel) usefull for procedural shading and scattering.
  • AL_smooth_variation : Apply a smooth filter driven either by noise or by a specific attribute.
  • AL_heightfieldmask_intersection : Generate a mask at the intersection of the object in second input.
  • AL_heightfieldmask_invert : Simple node to Invert heightfield mask.
  • AL_heightfieldmask_border : Generate a mask at the edges of terrain. Useful to normalize the edges.
  • AL_heightfield_border : Control soft borders of a terrain turnede into a mesh.
  • AL_dunemaker : Generate a dune model based on a curve plugged into the first input.
  • AL_attribute_contact : Generate an attribute based on the contact/distance of the second input.
  • AL_attribute_noise : Add a basic noise to a specified attribute
  • AL_delete_by_volume : Delete geometries by specified volume size. Usefull to get ride of small geoemtries/artefacts or isolate them.

Don't hesitate to send me feedbacks, I will improve the tools or  clarify things accordingly as I am using and experimenting with them. :)

(Free updates)

All the benefits are fully invested into a SciFI shortfilm I am creating during my free time. Your contribution is very valuable !

Release Notes

Hi !

Just to let you know that I updated your product AL-TOOLS / Ultimate Terrain Workflow, this product upgrade is available for you for free, check out your Gumroad Library to download AL_cloudgobo

This tool allow to quickly get  simple cloud shadows on environments to create more realistic or moody renders.

I used this tool in my latest tutorial available on youtube :

Also note that you can bring most of AL tools inside Unreal engine if you have Houdini Engine and Sync it with your Houdini Session... Example importing AL_cloudGobo hdalc in sync with an other houdini session. All changes done in Houdini are automatically reported inside Unreal.

I hope this new addition will be useful, don't hesitate to share your results !


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