Sharing the Houdini .hip and blender files of my mineral studies. Gonna update it with new minerals as I go through my experiments. Also learned a lot since the first experiment (iron pyrite) so may revisit/optimize some of the setups at some point.

Be sure to get it now, you will receive these updates for free. ;) 

Message me if you have any request, I'll see what I can do !

This pack include :

** Iron Pyrite **

- .organized hip file / houdini 18  (indie license)

- .alembic files of generated crystals

- blender scene with lookdev/textures included

** Fibrous Malachite **

- organized .hip file /houdini 18  (indie license) 


No alembic files for the hair/fur is setup for Houdini.

Doesn't include shading/lighting as redshift isn't available for latest Houdini18 yet. Will update it as soon as redshift release the new version.

** Rutilated Quartz **

- organized .hip file / houdini 18  (indie license) with shaders and lighting

- alembic files of generated crystals

- Maya render scene 

- Substance Painter smart Material for crystal Edgebreakups and roughness variations

** Peridot in Lava / WIP **

- .hip file / houdini 18  (indie license) / Will update with better organization 

WARNING : No shading/lighting, alembic element included.

All the benefits are fully invested into a SciFI shortfilm I am creating during my free time. Your contribution is very valuable !

Release Notes

MineralPack v1.3 :

Contains all the previous files (including RutilatedQuartz maya scene / substancepainter Smartmask) + Update on Fibrous Malachite houdini18 indie .hiplc  with shaders and lighting for redshift !

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