MysticTowers - Zbrush map export to Redshift

Tutorial / 28 December 2020

Hi Everyone, Here is a short bonus tutorial, production oriented. Originally a Patreon request about clarifying displacement. 

I think this may as well benefit some people on my channel.  

- Generate quick UVS within Zbrush 

-Export 16bit/middle gray displace 

-Export 32 bit exr displace 

- Export normal maps  

Also note that even if you don't use Zbrush to bake displacement and normal maps, the last half of the video can still be useful to understand displacement technics in general. In what situation should you use either 16 or 32bit ? Well it's your choice, we use both in production. I would say 32bit tends to be more accurate but also heavier so if you are limited in ressource and have a lot of those 32bits with multiple UDIMs, be careful with memory management. 

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Happy Holidays !