Speedtree tutorial : Shape your Imagination

Tutorial / 05 February 2024

Hi there,

Today I propose to embark on a botanical journey with me as I dive into the creation process of "Nuclear Garden's" vegetation .🌿

Combining here my curiosity for science with my art skills to prepare a radioactive twist to a power plant's cooling tower. 🌐💡

In this video, I'm breaking down the intricacies of SpeedTree's main feature that helped me shape this idea.

Technically I always love to approach things in the most procedural way, so I can easily iterate on my work, and allow complex changes in the push of few parameters. Speedtree is perfect for that when it comes to vegetation generation. 🌳✨

I will later share my approach for the procedural tower itself using sidefx Houdini.  Stay tuned for more content !=D