SideFX Houdini : Action Sequence Design - Part3 - Camera Animation / CHops

Tutorial / 25 September 2020
Happy Friday ! Still going through my free tutorial series with sideFX Houdini, in this video let's talk camera.  Often overlooked, camera work and composition is  the key to successful shots. So let's make sure to have all the tools in hands and have fun with it !

Early Access to "part4 : Artdirect your shots" already available to my "official patreons". Checkout  for more info !

"Mystic Towers" - Procedural modeling TUTORIALS

Tutorial / 02 August 2020

Last part of the "Mystic Towers" tutorial series.. Showing here a lot of tricks to speed up the modelling of columns, onion dome inside Houdini.
Have fun :D

Morel video about detailing,  available for my patreons, if you wanna get serious about environments and procedural : 

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SideFX Houdini : ACES workflow in 10min

Tutorial / 26 July 2020

Super quick tutorial about ACES conversion and workflow within Houdini !

 For the demonstration I am using a quixel megascan asset and rendering using VRay for Houdini. 

Note that you can use the "vopcopfilter" technic I am showing with any other engines, it's just a way to convert our srgb and linear textures into a proper Acescg color space.  

Here are some links I am talking about in the video - 

- Open Color IO : 

- Chris Brejon / CGcinematography documentation  : 

- Toadstorm / An idiot's guide to ACES : 

Using VRay for the demonstration, you can get a free 30 days trial available on : 

VRay for Houdini : Environment Lighting / FREE TUTORIAL

Tutorial / 18 July 2020

Hi guys !

Today I just released a super quick free video on my youtube channel, this time about lighting in VRay. Showing how to use some of its features to light environments.

In this video we learn how to setup :

- a VRay Sun light.

- the VRay sky as environment source.

- the exposure of VRay physical camera.

- The aerial perspective feature to create a fog layer in background.

VRAY FOR HOUDINI : Environment Lighting  / Sun & Sky TUTORIAL 


To improve the lighting and add cloud shadow breakups you can also use the cloud gobo technic shown in this video a while ago : 

VRay for Houdini is defintely worth trying, you can get a 30 days trial with the demo available on : 


Also if you are interested in terrain creation I released a bonus tutorial on my patreon :

"Houdini : Master Heightfields in 20 min !" / Giving in this video some precious tips to generate awesome looking mountains. 

So don't miss it if you subscribed, otherwise it's always a good time to join the gang ! Starting at 3$/month for some exclusive video tutorials. 



I hope this finds you well, have a great week end !


SideFX Houdini - Mystic Tower - Procedural Modelling part01

Tutorial / 05 July 2020

Hi guys !

Hope you are doing well in this still going "crazy times".

Still trying to be productive on top of my freelance work. Recently released a new illustration Mystic Towers on artstation. I am using the setup I did for this project to make a new series of video tutorials about procedural modeling. Here is the first part ! 


Also guess what ! I am now on patreon, I will be creating some little bonus video for my patrons. You can get some extra tips starting at only 3$/month, and different package include additional privileges (work in progress,Q/A, live stream, requests etc...) So consider checking out my patreon page if you'd like to dive deeper into 3D learning !

The first video for my patrons is a detailed explanation to improve the shapes of the spiral railing of the "mystic tower".


I hope this finds you well

Have a great week end !

BEST HOUDINI RENDERING ENGINE / Shading Workflow Equivalence

Tutorial / 13 June 2020


My new sideFX Houdini tutorial is out, see that rather as a documentation that can help you move from one renderer to an other within Houdini, or simply get the shading fundamentals of some of the best rendering engine !

Showing the same process with each one of them :

02:20 : Material Builder / base Shader - Mantra / Renderman / Vray / Redshift

04:40 : Geometry Parameters  - Mantra / Renderman / Vray / Redshift

06:07 : Displacement workflow / Mantra-Karma

07:26 : Displacement workflow / Renderman

09:09 : Displacement workflow / Vray

10:54 : Displacement workflow / Redshift

12:46 : Textures with UDIM / Mantra - Karma

13:30 : Textures with UDIM / Renderman

14:21 : Textures with UDIM / Vray

15:15 : Textures with UDIM / Redshift

15:45 : Correcting & Mixing Textures / Mantra - Karma

17:42 : Correcting & Mixing Textures / Renderman

19:26 : Correcting & Mixing Textures / Vray

23:40 : Correcting & Mixing Textures / Redshift

25:16 : Layer Shaders with Attributes / attribute setup

25:42 : Layer Shaders with Attributes / Mantra - Karma

29:36 : Layer Shaders with Attributes / Renderman

31:59 : Layer Shaders with Attributes / Vray

34:53 : Layer Shaders with Attributes / Redshift

Not here to argue which one is the best or the fastest, not even trying to make something "pretty"... Just wanted to bring some insights to help you "translate" either my tutorials or any others.

By the end you'll probably  realize they are all working the same.  So don't focus learning on  one tool but its general workflow. Then you'll be able to adapt your skills with ANY renderer.

SpeedTree tutorial - fantasy weeping tree

Tutorial / 25 May 2020

Back to some speedtree modelling/concept tutorial, showing the creation process of the hero tree for my personal work "Unexpected path". Giving some tips to control and artdirect the procedural model. :) 

If you wish to know more about the process of the full picture I did a presentation for Houdini Hive "Cinematic Environment Creation" breaking down the different challenges : 

Houdini Hive / Making Of ''Thrive in Silence'

Tutorial / 20 May 2020

For the occasion of the Houdini Hive Worldwide I had the opportunity to make a presentation about Environment creation. 

Was a lot of fun ! Big thanks to Christopher Hebert and Paola Catano for arranging this awesome online event.  

This is an extract of the last part where I am showing a quick walkthrough of my personal piece "Thrive in silence".  

The full presentation is available on Houdini's youtube channel at this link :